Fryday deals: cases and coolers

There is not much in the way of great deals at Fry's this Friday. Here are a couple of minor ones, though.

Cooler Master Elite 360 for $24.99

This case can be used as a tower or a desktop. It is also relatively skinny, as the cases go. That makes it ideal for a Home Theatre PC (HTPC). It is one of the very few cases that can be used for HTPC AND accept full ATX boards. There is a price to pay for it though! Assembling it is a bit of a hassle, but not too much. It is well built for its price and is reasonably quiet. It usually sells for $35 - $40, which itself is a good price. At $25, it is a really-good-price. For more information on this product, as well as reviews, trust NewEgg.

KingWin XT-964 CPU HeatSink for $19.99 ($4.99 after rebate)

This has to be one of the shortest heat-sinks with lateral (or upright) fan. There are two factors responsible for this: First, it uses a 92mm fan instead of an 120mm one. Second, the grilled body sits very low. It needs only about 5" clearance from the board to the top of the heat-sink.
Reviews at NewEgg seem to indicate that it is reasonably quiet and effecient. At $5 after rebate, it is a recommended buy.
If you have about 6.5" clearance in your case (as measured from motherboard to the opposite case wall), consider OCZ Vendetta 2 at $39.99 ($24.99 after rebate), which is EXTREMELY quiet and keeps the CPU barely warm. I am preparing a full review of the latter and will be posting it this weekend under 'Quiet Computing' series.

Refurbished Netgear WNR2000 N Router for $29.99

Grab it while it lasts! New WNR2000 sells for about $79.99 everywhere, including Frys! This is a good, fast router, with pretty good reviews.


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